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If you have ever visited the Sun City, then you are probably well aware that it is the biggest small town in Texas, and maybe the United States. Most businesses thrive or die on word of mouth recommendations, because traditional marketing like commercials and billboards are not practical and too expensive. Fortunately, Google has made it very accessible for small businesses in El Paso to gain a free platform to showcase their business, and what services they offer. This article is going to show you a little bit more about these services and how they can help your business be found. They include Google My Business, Google Adwords, and Local SEO Companies. And if you do enjoy the following, go ahead and, “like” my good friends Facebook Page


Google My Business

A relatively new service offered by Google, this service is very easy to sign up for and allows customers to find you in the regular search bar, maps, and even Google +. In order for Google to verify your account, they will send you a postcard to your businesses location with a code, that you plug in to you business profile. After this is complete, customers will be able to leave reviews, find your business in maps, and possibly even see your business in the local 7 results that are common for many local searches. This does not guarantee, however, that you will show up in the organic results, which is determined by quality content according to Google. Here is a link to Google My Business



This is Google’s advertisement platform in which businesses can post advertisements that appear when people search for keywords relevant to their company. The service is very affordable and is paid for only when someone clicks on your advertisement. It is possible to manage yourself, but many people turn to Search engine optimization agencies to manage their Ad Words as well.

Google's Web Design



Although many SEO firms can be very ambiguous, one El Paso SEO company called Rizseo has a great reputation around town for consulting companies on ways to create engaging, unique content, in the hopes that your site will eventually rank in the coveted 1st page of Google’s organic results. Rizseo is unique in the fact that they offer full transparency into their methods and strategies, but are most popular for their reputation for providing first and foremost results. Rizseo offers packages of Web design and SEO as well.